Double Wills & Single Wills

What is a Double Will?

If you are married, or in a civil partnership, you may simply wish to leave your entire estate to your partner in the event of your death. A Double Will is the simplest way to do this. In the event that both of you were to die, the estate would automatically be passed on to your children, or other named beneficiaries.

Whichever sort of Will is most appropriate to you, you need to ensure that it is kept up-to-date. Sometimes even simple changes in your personal circumstances, or in government legislation, can invalidate your Will. Without professional advice, how can you be sure?

What is a Single Will?

As you might imagine, a Single Will is ideal for someone who is single. It allows you to include whatever percentage of your estate to whichever named beneficiary you see fit.

If you are a single parent, it is particularly important to think about appointing a guardian for your children in the Will. After all, you don't want a court to end up deciding who should care for them, and whether, if you have more than one child, they stay together.

If you don't wish to name any beneficiaries from your friends and family, you can also use a single Will as a simple way to leave the value of your estate to a charity, or organisation of your choosing.

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