Executors and Guardians

What is an Executor?

The Executor of your Will is the person you appoint to deal with all your personal affairs and the administration of your estate. They will be personally liable for your obligations.

The nature of these responsibilities is not only very complicated, but it can be especially difficult during a bereavement. For this reason it is often deemed appropriate to name someone other than a friend, or family member as the Executor, or joint Executor. Wills and Trusts are happy to act as professional executors, and we understand that this type of work requires sensitivity and foresight.

What is a Guardian?

A guardian is the person or persons named in your Will that become responsible for the care and well-being of your children in the event of your death.

Choosing guardians requires a lot of thought and it is useful to seek professional advice as there can be a number of unforeseen practical and legal consequences to your decision that could affect the ongoing care of your children.

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